MAC address on X20 keeps changing
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    anton @ dividiti

    The MAC address of my new X20 boards keeps changing on reboot or even when disconnecting and reconnecting WiFi. For example, yesterday it was 00:08:22:74:f3:06, while today it’s 00:08:22:f6:e5:fb (i.e. the second half is different). As a consequence, I cannot enable remote access to my boards (IP address reservation + port forwarding). Please help!

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    Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz

    I dont know much about the X20 – what wifi driver does it use?- but we had some work-arounds for the db410c which had the same issue until the MAC address was programmed by the firmware in the DT.

    have a look and maybe follow Qualcomm’s recommendation.

    Wifi MAC Address Programming

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