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This week

Thanks to the wonderful 96Boards community, OpenHours Season 2 is off to a great start! With several episodes down and many more locked in, I am excited to announce what we expect in our next installment!

This OpenHours (Episode #36) we will be talking with a team of Engineers from STMicroelectronics. They will join us to present and demo the importance of ESD Protection throughout the many levels of development. Please join us in Welcoming Mathieu Reouviere (System and Application Engineering) and his team to this exciting and informative installment of OpenHours!

Invite your friends, bring some coffee, and join us every week at the end of the countdown!

Season 2

Episode 35 –

This OpenHours (Episode #35) will focus on 96Boards and its many accessory options. Last year we saw many community members step up their game creating a variety of cases, add ons, and mezzanine products. We will explore the need/possibility of future accessories and assess the value add of industrial style add-onsby giving use-cases and prompting the community for suggestions. After this, Robert will take to the forums looking for interesting topics, all this in an attempt to resolve floating issues and bring already resolved issues to light.

Episode 34 – Happy New Year! As it turned out we are now in the year 2017 and things around here are due for some exciting changes. Before diving full force into the new year, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the “2016 highlight reel”. Robert will talk about some of the many 96Boards accomplishments and pitfalls of 2016 and then provide an interactive blog, complete with links to almost every press release and video released in the last 12 months! We will also be welcoming three new Tux Penguins to the OpenHours family (courtesy of our core community member, Mark Bolzern).

Episode 33 – Relaxing hour of community Q & A

Episode 32 – This week we met with the man himself, Jon “maddog” Hall for a special Christmas/Holiday installment of OpenHours.

Episode 31 – This week OpenHours will meet (once again) with Bill Fletcher from Linaro. If you would recall, we spoke with Bill once before about Docker and how to get it up and running on your 96Boards Consumer Edition products. This installment will be stray away from Docker (though questions are still welcome) and introduce a new topic for discussion, MQTT. MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet of Things” connectivity protocol, and Bill is giving the 101 on this exciting conmtinuation of OpenHours!

Episode 30 – This week OpenHours met with Andy Clark from @Workshopshed to talk about his experience with the DragonBoard 410c among other 96Boards. Andy Clark was voted Developer of the Month by the Qualcomm Developer network for his amazing efforts, and fun projects around the DragonBoard 410c. We talked about his past and present projects and saw a demo of his famous DragonDetector! Thank you, Andy for taking part in this installment.

Episode 29 – This episode dedicated the entire hour to open community forum. During this episode several questions were raised and some were answered. David Mandala, member of the 96Boards team brought the idea of a Community Mezzanine project to light. A blog was later released and can be found here.

Episode 28 – Robert spoke with members from AiStarVision about their efforts towards creating a MIPI camera mezzanine for 96Boards.

Episode 27 – Featured a great overview of OP-TEE by Linaro’s David Brown.  Read a re-cap and watch the hangout.

Episode 26 – featured Linaro and 96Boards’ very own Ricardo Salveti was the guest speaker. Ricardo has worked with Linux Embedded for more than 10 years and is currently leading the 96Boards IoT movement.  Ricardo spoke about 96Boards IoT and the Carbon Board as well as answered your questions.  There was also a Carbon Board demo during the hour.  Watch the whole episode here.

Aslo watch episode 25 that took an inside look at Gumstix and Geppetto. Keith Lee the Gumstix Guru from Gumstix built a 96Boards drone using a DragonBoard 410c and an AeroCore 2!

Check the live recording out on YouTube

Special Offer from our featured guests at Gumstix!:

Create Your Design in Geppetto and Gumstix Engineers will help get it to Market
As part of our season 2 opener Gumstix has generously offered to provide a free one hour consult with Gumstix Engineers for anyone who fills out a short survey.  You can get all the details here:  http://www.96boards.org/geppetto-96boards-free-design-consult/

What is 96Boards OpenHours?

96Boards OpenHours – Sponsored by Linaro welcomes you every week at 4:00pm UTC to participate in the ultimate community driven experience. Bring your coffee and questions, demos and feedback, together we can make a difference for everyone!

We’ll begin these sessions with introductions and announcements, presentation or tutorial and then be open to answer any questions regarding 96Boards products, the specifications, troubleshooting etc.. We don’t promise to answer all the questions immediately and may need to defer answers to a later session, but we’ll try our best to answer during the call.

These sessions will be held on BlueJeans and recorded so they can be made available after the session. There is a limit to a 100 participants so it will be first come first served initially!

We look forward to talking with you

The 96Boards Team


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