Avenger96 / Stinger96 Giveaway

96Boards have teamed up with Arrow, ST and Shiratech to give you the chance to get a free Avenger96 or Stinger96. This is an online campaign dedicated to Arrow's 96Boards products, main and mezzanine, around STM's MP1 96Boards.


Choose either the Stinger96 or Avenger96!

Stinger96 Avenger96


Choose between the following mezzanine boards if your project needs it!

*subject to availability, limited free samples

On Camera Mezzanine

The Avenger96

The STM32MP157 is a highly integrated multi-market system-on-chip designed to enable secure and space constraint applications within the Internet of Things. Avenger96 board features dual Arm Cortex-A7 cores and an Arm Cortex-M4 core. In addition, an extensive set of interfaces and connectivity peripherals are included to interface to cameras, touch-screen displays an MMC/SD cards. It also fully supports wireless communication, including WLAN and BLE.


Shiratech’s NEW 96Boards IoT solution based on ST STM32MP157 MCU + QUECTEL BG96 NB-IOT modem.

The Board is 96Boards IoT Edition Extended Compatible (IE extended). Full support for 96Boards IoT Edition (IE) Low Speed expansion connector.

Key features:

  • 32-bit dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A7
  • External DDR memory – DDR3 – 256M X 32Bit
  • Full 96 IOT LS connector Interface (1.8V interface)

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