Mezzanine Products

96Boards mezzanine products let you expand your Consumer Edition or Enterprise Edition 96Boards with new interfaces for IoT, industrial control, and other embedded applications. The following mezzanine expansion boards are currently available.

  • STM32 Sensor mezzanine board
    • The STM32 Sensor board is a 96Boards mezzanine board based around the STM32F446 MCU
  • Linker mezzanine card starter kit
    • 96Boards starter kit with Linker mezzanine card and loft modules
  • 96Boards UART Serial Adapter
    • USB to UART interface to be used with any 96Boards Consumer or Enterprise Edition board
  • Sensors mezzanine
    • I/O Expansion board for IoT/Sensor applications, with SoC and Arduino-compatible Grove module interfaces, and Arduino-compatible shield connectors.
  • Aero Core 2
    • The Aero Core 2 for 96Boards provides an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller for MAV control and much more...