What is OpenHours?

96Boards OpenHours – Sponsored by Linaro welcomes you every week at 4:00pm UTC to participate in the ultimate community driven experience. Bring your coffee and questions, demos and feedback, together we can make a difference for everyone!

We’ll begin these sessions with introductions and announcements, presentation or tutorial and then be open to answer any questions regarding 96Boards products, the specifications, troubleshooting etc.. We don’t promise to answer all the questions immediately and may need to defer answers to a later session, but we’ll try our best to answer during the call. These sessions will be held on Zoom and recorded so they can be made available after the session. There is a limit to 100 participants so it will be first come first served initially!

We look forward to talking with you.


  1. How often is OpenHours?
    • OpenHours is hosted by 96Boards EVERY WEEK on Thursday at 4:00pm UTC. Sometimes the 96Boards team will host special OpenHours events which are held separately and on different days and times.
  2. Why would I want to attend OpenHours?
    • OpenHours is aimed at sharing information on the OpenSource space. People working in OpenSource participates and talks about the work which interests them.
  3. Should I show up early to OpenHours?
    • Not mandatory. Attendees are expected to join at 4PM UTC.
  4. Is OpenHours recorded?
    • Yes it will be recorted till 5PM UTC. Also, it will be live streamed to YouTube and Facebook.
  5. If I leave my camera off, can I still still participate?
    • Yes you can. People who doesn’t want to show their faces can turn their camera stream off and ask questions over voice or type in chat.
  6. Do I have to have a camera and microphone to participate?
    • No. You can ask questions over chat and we will respond. But having a camera and microphone would be better for communication.
  7. Is OpenHours hosted anywhere else, or only on Zoom?
    • There will be live streaming over YouTube and Facebook but your presence will only be recorded in Zoom. We also take questions from YouTube and Facebook comments.
  8. How do I get Zoom?
    • There are two options available:
      • You can join us directly and participate in the livestream on Zoom
      • You can watch the livestream on YouTube
      • Or you can watch the livestream on Facebook
  9. How long is OpenHours? *The official time is one hour from 4PM to 5PM UTC when the recording and live streaming takes place. After 5PM we move into after hours, where we talk without any recordings or live streaming.
  10. Does anything happen after OpenHours?
    • Yes, we move into AfterHours and talk till Sahaj’s coffee lasts :P
  11. How is Linaro associated with OpenHours?
    • Linaro is a sponsor of OpenHours.

The Team

Sahaj Profile picture
  • Sahaj Sarup
  • OpenHours Host

Sahaj has a background in Computer Applications engineering and have previously worked as an intern at SUSE. Before Linaro, he was a major contributor to the android-rpi, project that aimed to provide AOSP support for the Raspberry Pi, and also was the owner and maintainer of the official forums for the same. In his free time, he likes to Vlog (Video Blog) about his adventures in the world of Open Source and SBCs on his YouTube Channel (Geek Till it Hertz), where he likes to discuss new ARM hardware and unusual operating systems.

Profile picture
  • Kyle Kirkby
  • Web Developer and Backend Support

Kyle is a 23 year old Web Developer working for Linaro and has great interests in Web Development, Cars and Magic.

Kyle have been practicing the art of illusions since around 12. He particularly likes up close magic and anything that is totally impromptu and improvised.

Around the same time (age 12) he also started teaching himself how to build websites for youtube gaming channels and ventures alike and realised that there was so much potential in creating fun and innovative content for people all around the world using the world wide web.

Mani Profile picture
  • Manivannan Sadhasivam
  • 96Boards Specialist

Mani has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from KSR college of Technology, Tamilnadu. During his college days, he has undergone 3 internships in Embedded Systems domain. Then, he joined MathWorks as an Embedded Quality Engineer and worked for about 10 months. Now he is an Applications Engineer in Linaro-96Boards team, working on making user experience better with 96Boards. He is maintaining MRAA library for 96Boards by pushing board support and upstreaming core functionalities. He also leads the 96Boards Projects Org consisting of projects created around 96Boards.

Daniel Thompson Profile picture
  • Daniel Thompson
  • 96Boards Specialist and Support

Daniel joined a toolset team from university and has been working in and around tools and operating systems ever since. As the world moved from real-time threading libraries to Linux he went with it. He worked on many kernel and media driver projects whilst working for ST. Initially on SH4 and later on ARM as well. More recently he has been working on porting NMI features from x86 to arm and arm64.