96Boards LS Pinout


The comprehensive GPIO Pinout guide for the Consumer Edition of 96Boards.

This GPIO Pinout is designed to be both a quick and interactive reference to the 96Boards Low Speed Expansion Connector pins, plus a comprehensive guide to your 96Boards' GPIO interfaces. It also includes a number of pinouts for 96Boards add-on boards.

Latest Pinout news

We've added a board explorer! Use it to find the pinout for a 96Boards add-on board, or discover new ones. If you manufacture boards, we'd love to add yours too. You can contribute over on GitHub.

What do these numbers mean?

  • Physical - Number corresponding to the pin's physical location on the header

Graphical Pinout

We've whipped up a simple graphical 96Boards GPIO Pinout.

Graphical 96Boards Pinout