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The NEXT Biometrics NBDK-2023-S2-VAIX-DB is a biometrics development kit for Arrow DragonboardĀ®. It supports image capture, feature extraction and matching.

The development kit includes:

  • NB-2023-S2-VAIX-POD fingerprint sensor module.
  • NBDK-202x-S2 DB-410c shield board for Arrow DragonboardĀ® 410C.
  • Software Development Kit for Linux and Android.
  • AIX biometric algorithm license (embedded in the NB-2023-S2-VAIX-POD finger module).

The Software Development Kit comprises:

  • NB-2023-S2 SPI sensor drivers for Linux and Android.
  • NB Biometrics AIX API libraries with cutting-edge minutiae based biometric algorithm engine providing fingerprint template extraction and ultra-fast 1: N matching.
  • Demo application for Linux.

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NextBio NB-2023-S2