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Platform to build for Deep Learning / Smart Cities / Robotics

Voice AI

The Thor96 supports low latency digital audio to multiple microphone arrays and speakers using A2B® technology by Analog Devices. Running both power and multi-channel digital audio over a single unshielded twisted pair of cables reduces weight, cost and complexity while enabling advanced voice recognition and active noise cancelation applications.

Smart Cities

While Wi-Fi and Ethernet are now commonplace in single-board computers, the Thor96 takes the lead with the Cypress’ WICED Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® combos solution which integrates IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN and Bluetooth® in a single-chip solution to enable small-form-factor IoT designs, 1,000-Mbps Ethernet support, CAN bus, Zigbee, Thread, and a debug UART port. Along with the wide range of communication ports.


The iMX 8M SoC integrates a secondary generic Arm Cortex-M4 that can run firmware when in low-power mode as well as for real-time processing of I/O. Unlike other competitor single-board computers, the Thor96 can process I/O at a superior speed without affecting normal operation or performance.


  • Computing
  • Controller
  • Accelerators
  • Sensors