The Arrow/ADI ADADN8080 Mezzanine reference design board is a high-end voice control platform that works in conjunction with a DragonboardTM 410c board and linear or circular microphone array. The board is the product of partnership between Arrow, ADI and eSoft Things showcasing the capabilities of ADI ADADN8080 voice platform. It allows quick prototyping of voice control applications and enables deployment of ADADN8080 based end products. With a low-power always-on voice solution with low–latency audio paths, multiple digital microphone inputs can be supported. Efficient and accurate far-field voice detection makes the board a great fit for consumer as well as professional audio applications.

Kit ships with

  • Mezzanine Board
  • 2 x Speakers
  • 1 x Circular Mic Array (4Mic)
  • 1 x Linear Mic Array (4Mic)

Main Benefits

  • De-risked prototyping and product development: Quick prototyping, rapid development and testing of products
  • Fast time to market for customer products: Out of the box use case support for voice control applications
  • Active customer support through dedicated partner ecosystem: Support from initial evaluation/design through full integration and development

Voice UI Applications

  • Speech recognition systems
  • Virtual assistants
  • Smart speakers
  • Customerservice/feedback
  • Voice enabled apps
  • Voice UI security systems

Key Features

  • Far-field voice capture over multiple digital Pulse-Density Modulation (PDM) microphones
  • Low-power always on voice detection withDSPcorewake-up
  • Low-Latency audio path for high- performance applications
  • Support for audio media record and playback
  • Tested with AVS
  • Integrated support for beamforming – Visual LED indicators to identify direction of origin for Voice stream and Voice trigger capture
  • Integrated barge-in for improved voice trigger capture during music / media playback
  • Linear and circular microphone arrays (4PDM mics) with LEDs