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Platform to build for Deep Learning / Smart Cities / Robotics

Deep Learning

The RK1808 Integrates AI neural network processor NPU, supports 8Bit/16Bit operation with computing power up to 3.0Tops to meet various visual and audio AI applications. Compatible with multiple AI frameworks, supports TensorFlow Lite/Android NN API, AI software tools support import, mapping, and optimization of Caffe / TensorFlow models, allowing developers to use AI technology easily.

Visual AI

Supports multiple Video Encoder and Decoder 1080p@60P H.264 Decoder,1080p@30P H.264 Encoder


TB-96AIoT is a powerful core board for artificial intelligence. Carrier Board developed by Xiamen Beiqi Technology Co., Ltd. can form a complete development board or evaluation board; and the board customized by customers according to actual needs can directly form the industry application motherboard.


  • Computing
  • Controller
  • Accelerators
  • Sensors