About 96Boards

96Boards is the first open specification to define a platform for the delivery of compatible low-cost, small footprint 32-bit and 64-bit Cortex-A boards from the range of ARM SoC vendors. Standardized expansion buses for peripheral I/O, display and cameras allow the hardware ecosystem to develop a range of compatible add-on products that will work on any 96Boards product over the lifetime of the platform.

This website provides software downloads and updates, information on products compatible with 96Boards and forums for software developers, makers and OEMs to discuss the individual boards and the specifications.

The Linaro 96Boards Group

The 96Boards standard specification and this website are maintained by the Linaro 96Boards Group. Linaro is a collaborative software engineering organization focused on the ARM architecture. Corporate members of Linaro provide funding and engineers plus direction through various steering committees and resources are split into semi-autonomous groups with their own members. The 96Boards Group and its member companies contribute to the development of the 96Boards specification, the maintenance of this website and support for the software builds for their compatible boards. 96Boards membership is required for 96Boards certification. For a list of members, please visit the Linaro website and for further information, please contact 96Boards@Linaro.org.