This section of the 96Boards website provides access to various projects. You can submit your own projects or build on the material available here. The latest projects are listed below.

96Boards Projects

96Boards CE Case
96Boards CE CaseAccessories
Kodi on DragonBoard 410c
Kodi on DragonBoard 410cCommunity Projects
CyanogenMod 13.0 on HiKey Board
CyanogenMod 13.0 on HiKey BoardDownloading and installing OS images for the HiKey
96Boards CE Board and LCD Mount
96Boards CE Board and LCD MountLCD Mount
Dragonboard 410c Case
Dragonboard 410c Case3D Case
96Boards CE Hot Shoe Camera Mount
96Boards CE Hot Shoe Camera Mount3D Mount
Dragon Detector
Dragon DetectorDemonstration
96Boards and Gumstix GadgetDrone
96Boards and Gumstix GadgetDroneDemonstration
MQTT publisher / subscriber demo
MQTT publisher / subscriber demoDemo