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Shiratech LTE Mezzanine

Shiratech LTE and Sensor Mezzanine is a 96Boards compatible mezzanine board that adds LTE modem functionality and a set of sensors to any 96Boards compatible board.

Features and Specs

  • Quectel EC25 LTE – A high throughput LTE CAT 4 delivering 150Mbit/s down-link 50Mbit/s uplink data rates.
  • Bosch BNO055 – A high quality 9-axis absolute orientation sensor that includes a tri-axial gyroscope, tri-axial accelerometer and magnetometer.
  • Analog Device ADUX1020 – Gesture and proximity sensor.
  • ST VL53L0CX – Range and gesture detection sensor.
  • Analog Device ADT7410 – High accuracy digital temperature sensor.

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Shiratech LTE