How to report a bug

This document provides instructions for reporting bugs on both Consumer and Enterprise Edition boards along with the Reference Software Platform. Please read through the following sections for insight on where to go when reporting bugs.

For effective bug-fix workflow, each issue should have ONE bug report

Should I report my bug?

  • Write out precise steps to reproduce the bug
  • If you can consistently reproduce, you should be reporting this bug
  • If you can occasionally reproduce, without specific steps, more information about bug will be useful and should be included in report
  • If you cannot reproduce, provide unique information about your bug and how it occurred

Is this bug Consumer Edition or Enterprise Edition?

Consumer Edition bugs:

  • Consumer Edition Boards
    • HiKey
    • DragonBoard™ 410c
    • Bubblegum96
    • MediaTek X20
    • B2260
    • Pre-built Images

Enterprise Edition bugs:

  • Enterprise Edition Boards
    • HiSilicon D02
    • AMD Overdrive
    • X-Gene Mustang
    • HP ProLiant m400
  • Network Installers:
    • Debian Installer
    • CentOS Installer
  • Enterprise Software components:
    • OpenStack
    • Hadoop (ODPi BigTop)
  • Developer Cloud

“How to” report a bug Consumer and Enterprise Edition

Step 1: Account Creation

  • Go to for Consumer Edition bugs
  • Go to for Enterprise Edition bugs
  • Create a personal account (Click “New Account”)
  • Enter email address
  • Confirm email
  • Enter personal information, and “Create” your account
  • Log in to your new account

Step 2: Reporting your bug

  • Click “File a Bug”
  • Click “All” to show all products
  • Pick the product for which you would like to report a bug

Step 3: Required and Optional Fields

  • Be sure to fill in all *Required Fields
  • Optional fields will provide more information about your bug, these fields are recommended

Step 4: Summary section

  • This is the first piece of information a developer will see
  • Breif title for your bug
  • Should address the issue with approximately 10 words

Summary examples:

  1. [RPB] LG W2253V fails to work with 4.4.0-93-arm64
  2. [RPB] Mouse cursor invisible after boot (until you open an application)

Step 5: Additional Comments section

  • Indicate whether bug can/cannot be reproduced
  • Include firmware version, kernel version, build version
  • State of hardware
  • Steps to reproduce your bug