Any single board computer relies on a host of accessories to make it useful in different markets. One aim of the 96Boards specification is to create a standard software and hardware platform across multiple SoCs for which a full range of accessories will be available and these will work across the boards. These products will be split into mezzanine products, which plug into the 96Boards high- and low-speed connectors to extend the board functionality, and everything else – from power supplies to UART solutions – which will be listed on this page. We’re working on a system that will enable users, manufacturers and distributors to post compatible products and then for users to review these and verify compatibility. Before that is ready, we are manually updating this page and you can make suggestions by emailing

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See our supported power accessories.

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USB Adapters

See our supported USB Adapter accessories.

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See our supported debug accessories.

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See our supported miscellaneous accessories.

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