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Vision Mezzanine
The Vision Mezzanine supports up to 6 high definition resolution(720p) camera modules using MAXIM Integrated’ s MAX9286 GMSL (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) technology. Documentation

Secure96 mezzanine board
The Secure96 board is a 96Boards mezzanine board based around the Infineon SLB9670 Documentation

STM32 Sensor mezzanine board
The STM32 Sensor board is a 96Boards mezzanine board based around the STM32F446 MCU Documentation

LinkerSprite mezzanine card starter kit
96Boards starter kit with Linker mezzanine card and loft modules Documentation

96Boards UART Serial Adapter
USB to UART interface to be used with any 96Boards Consumer or Enterprise Edition board Documentation

Sensors mezzanine
I/O Expansion board for IoT/Sensor applications, with SoC and Arduino-compatible Grove module interfaces, and Arduino-compatible shield connectors. Documentation

Aero Core 2
The Aero Core 2 for 96Boards provides an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller for MAV control and much more… Documentation

Audio Mezzanine
Audio Mezzanine Board is a Grove interfaced expansion board intended for 96boards Documentation

D3 Camera Mezzanine
D3 Camera Mezzanine Kit connects up to two MIPI CSI-2 cameras. OV5640 Image Sensor Mezzanine Board with Linux OS Documentation

Ethernet Mezzanine
The PoE + Mezzanine Board is a solution that enables the 96Boards to be powered over Ethernet Documentation

MIPI Adapter Mezzanine - AiStarVision
With this adapter, you can easily integrate image sensors into your camera projects. Documentation

Neonkey is the sensor hub platform for all 96Boards compliant family products Documentation

NEXTBiometrics Fingerprint Sensor Mezzanine
The NB-2023-S2 shield board with assembled NB-2023-S2-VAIX (SPI) fingerprint module is a fingerprint development shield for the DragonBoard 410c development board by Arrow Electronics. Documentation

Shiratech LTE and Sensors Mezzanine
Shiratech LTE and Sensor Mezzanine adds LTE modem functionality and a set of sensors to any 96Boards compatible board Documentation