NextBio Mezzanine

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NextBio Mezzanine

1) Introduction

1.1) About the Arrow Next-Biometrics Mezzanine

The NB-2023-S2 shield board with assembled NB-2023-S2-VAIX (SPI) fingerprint module is a fingerprint development shield for the DragonBoard 410c development board by Arrow Electronics. The mezzanine includes a software Development Kit (SDK), which can be downloaded from NEXT Biometrics Support Portal The NB-2023-S2 shield board has been paired with the DragonBoard 410c development board and used as a one solid piece of hardware (However, other 96Boards may be compatible).

1.2) Specifications

NB 2023-S2-VAIX Sensor Specifications:  
Sensor Technology NEXT Active Thermal™ sensing (patented)
Active Sensing area 11.9 x 16.9 mm2
Pixels 180 x256
Resolutions 385 ppi (pixel size 66 µm * 66 µm)
Image scan time 0.53s
Ingress protection Ready for IP68 (note: sample housing in development kit not IP rated)
Fingerprint module interface SPI
Biometric algorithm license NBBiometrics AIX SDK License included
NB Biometrics AIX Library Specification:  
Fingerprint enrolment (full process from finger detection to capture and extraction) ~970 ms (to be confirmed)
1:1 matching time* 7.5 - 8ms
Biometric performance False-match-rate 0.01 % (default, configurable) False Non-Match Rate (FNMR):1% (at default FMR)
Maximum Fingerprint Database 1000 templates
Shield board Specifications:  
Total dimensions 53 x 40 x 14 mm
Weight 18g
Power Supply 3.3V
Physical interface to fingerprint module 12-pin FFC connector
Ordering Options for the development Kit Development Kit with Shield board for Arrow Dragonboard® (NBDK-2023-S2-VAIX-DB)

Note: Measurement taken on reference DB platform (Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 (APQ8016), 4 x ARM Cortex A53 64-bits, 1.2GHz, 2GB RAM, Linux linaro-alip 4.9.56).

2) Pin Mapping

NB-2023-S2-VAIX fingerprint module utilizes SPI interface and two GPIO pins to communicate with the DragonBoard 410c.Table 1 shows the mapping of fingerprint module pins to LS expansion connector on the board.

Pin Name LS Connector Pin Function
1 MOSI 14 (APQ GPIO_16) SPI Data – Slave In
2 MISO 10 (APQ GPIO_17) SPI Data – Slave Out
3 GND 1, 2, 39, 40 Ground
4 SCLK 8 (APQ GPIO_19) SPI Clock
5 GND 1, 2, 39, 40 Ground
6 nAWAKE 24 (APQ GPIO_69) Finger Detect
7 nSS 12 (APQ GPIO_18) SPI Slave Select
11 nReset 26 (APQ GPIO_12) Reset

3) Downloads

All needed software (and not only SW) for development with Dragonboard410c can be downloaded from developer community on NEXT Support Portal

You will need to create a login ID Here: Next Support Portal Registration

3) Useful Guides