The PoE + Mezzanine Board is a solution that enables the 96Boards to be powered over Ethernet. The Board consists of three key components. The LAN7850 from Microchip provides Gigabit Ethernet through high speed USB 2.0, which is connected to the 96Boards standard HS expansion connector. For a secure transmission of data the Mezzanine Board is equipped with Atmel’s Hardware Asymmetric Crypto Engine TPM AT97SC3205T. Furthermore, it allows the 96Boards to be powered over the external Ethernet POE+ line by Linear Technology’s LT4276. The 2 poles connector on the shield can be used to power an external device using the 12V generated by the POE+ circuitry. The Mezzanine Board can be plugged directly on top of 96Boards consumer edition (CE) products and on top of it you have the possibility to plug other extension shields

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