Linker mezzanine card starter kit

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

1.1) About the 96Boards D3 Linker Mezzanine Starter Kit

The 96Boards Linker Mezzanine Starter Kit is a great way to get started with 96Boards, and it contains the components you need to make eight fun projects following step-by-step tutorials. Starting from the basics of electronics modules, to more complex projects, the kit will help you control the physical world with sensor and actuators and help you ramp up your programming using 96Boards.

1.2) Specifications and Features


  • Linker Mezzanine card
    • 8 connecctors covering Analog, UART, I2C and GPIO
    • Two channels of analog input using MCP3004 ADC chip
  • Button module of Linker kit
  • RED LED module of Linker kit
  • LDR module of Linker kit
  • Thermal module of Linker kit
  • Tilt module of Linker kit
  • Touch sensor module of Linker kit
  • Relay module of Linker kit

Kit Includes

  • 1×Linker Mezzanine card for 96board [105101022]
  • 1×Button Module [118101002]
  • 1×5mm Red LED Module [118101001-5]
  • 1×LDR Module [118101003]
  • 1×Thermal Module [118101005]
  • 1×Linear/Slide Potentiometer Module [118101006]
  • 1×Tilt Module [118101004]
  • 1×Touch Sensor Module [118101007]
  • 1×Relay Module [118101008]
  • 8×20cm Cables [118201001]
  • 1×Plastic case

2) Guides and Documentation