The Avenger96 comes with microSD Card preloaded with Linux. This guide will help you choose and install an operating system on your Avenger96.

To appropriately follow this installation guide you will need to:

  • Choose an installation method
  • Download necessary files
  • Choose host machine
  • Follow flashing instructions

Installing to an SD Card

The SD card method allows you to place a microSD card into a Avenger96 to automatically boot an operating system. This method is generally simpler than other methods and should be used by beginners.

This method requires the following hardware:

  • Avenger96 with power supply
  • Host machine (Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows)
  • MicroSD card with 8GB (Class 10 recommended) or more for storage
  • USB Mouse and/or keyboard
  • HDMI Monitor

Go to the Downloads page to get your SD card image.

Proceed to installation instructions using Etcher