Useful Guides

These guides will help to get you started with a variety of available on-boards software


Linux User Guide (View / Download) | This guide hosts a variety of basic setup instructions sets. From getting your board booted up for the fir st time to swapping out your OS

Guide Descripion
General Purpose Input / Output This all extensive I/O guide bridges across all 96Boards consumer edition boards.
Force display resolution and bypass EDID Learn how to force a diplay resolution
Enabling SPI on Dragonboard 410c with SPIDEV Learn to enable SPI using SPIDEV
Create custom GPT Learn to create a custom GUID Partition table
UART Serial Console Access This guide will walk you through gaining access to the Serial Console available through on board UART
LEDs and Connectors Basic walkthrough of the onboard LEDs and connectors
Using USB An in depth look at the onboard USB connectors and how to use them
Device Tree Overlay Shows how to load device tree overlays using configfs
Linux SD boot using U-Boot Shows how to boot Linux from SD card using u-boot
Create a Bootable SD Card Shows how to boot Linux from SD card without using u-boot
OV5645 Camera Module Guide A guide on how to use the OV5645 camera module
Customize EMMC Partition A guide on customizing the emmc partition table
Enable DMIC Support Instruction to enable DMIC(Digital MICrophone)
Enable SPI Ethernet Controller Instructions to connect and enable SPI Ethernet Controllers
Running LAVA Tests How to utilize the Linaro test suite on Dragonboard 410c
Install Fedora Install Fedora on Dragonboard410c


Guide Descripion
AOSP It is possible to build AOSP for the Dragonboard 410c. Please note, this is experimental work.