Linux Host

This section show how to install a new operating system to your DragonBoard™ 845c using the fastboot method on a Linux host computer.

  • Step 1: Make sure fastboot is set up on host computer
  • Step 2: Connect host computer to DragonBoard™ 845c
  • Step 3: Boot DragonBoard 845c into fastboot mode
  • Step 4: Flash Images
  • Step 5: Reboot DragonBoard 845c

Step 1: Make sure fastboot is set up on host computer.

You can install fastboot from source or using your distro package manager.
  • From source:
    • Android SDK “Tools only” for Linux can be downloaded here
    • The Linux “Tools Only” SDK download does not come with fastboot, you will need to use the Android SDK Manager to install platform-tools.
    • To do this follow the “SDK Readme.txt” instructions included in your SDK “Tools Only” download.

    If you are still having trouble setting up fastboot, click here for a short tutorial video

  • Or using a distro package manager:
    # Red Hat flavour (Fedora, CentOS)
    $ sudo yum install android-tools
    # Debian (Ubuntu)
    $ sudo apt-get install fastboot

Step 2: Connect host computer to DragonBoard 845c

  • DragonBoard™ 845c must be powered off (unplugged from power)
  • Make sure microSD card slot on DragonBoard™ 845c is empty
  • S6 switch on DragonBoard™ 845c must be set to ‘0-0-0-0’. All switches should be in “off” position
  • Connect USB to microUSB cable from host computer to DragonBoard™ 845c

Step 3: Boot DragonBoard™ 845c into fastboot mode

Please read all bullet points before attempting

  • Press and hold the Vol (-) button on the DragonBoard™ 845c, this is the S4 button. DragonBoard™ 845c should still NOT be powered on
  • While holding the Vol (-) button, power on the DragonBoard™ 845c by plugging it in
  • Once DragonBoard™ 845c is plugged into power, release your hold on the Vol (-) button.
  • Wait for about 20 seconds.
  • Board should boot into fastboot mode.

From the connected host machine terminal window, run the following commands:

# Check to make sure device is connected and in fastboot mode

$ sudo fastboot devices

Typically it will show as below

de82318	fastboot

At this point you should be connected to your DragonBoard™ 845c with a USB to TypeC cable. Your DragonBoard™ 845c should be booted into fastboot mode and ready to be flashed with the appropriate images.

Step 4: Flash Images

cd <path-to-images>
fastboot flash abl_a abl.elf
fastboot flash boot_a sda845-boot.img
fastboot flash system_a sda845-sysfs_1.ext4
fastboot flash systemrw sda845-systemrw.ext4
fastboot flash cache sda845-cache_1.ext4
fastboot flash userdata sda845-usrfs_1.ext4
fastboot flash persist sda845-persist_1.ext4

Step 5: Reboot DragonBoard™ 845c

Congratulations! You are now booting your newly installed OS directly from UFS on the DragonBoard™ 845c!