Examples on how to use on board LED using mraa library

Following examples are provided to use LED using MRAA library.

  1. mraa_led.c
  2. mraa_led.cpp
  3. mraa_led.py


Prerequisite: Debian running on 96Boards CE with libmraa installed

  • Copy the examples to 96Boards CE
  • Build the C/C++ examples:
    $ gcc mraa_led.c -o led_c
    $ g++ mraa_led.cpp -o led_c++
  • Execute the examples:
    $ sudo ./led_c
    $ sudo ./led_c++
    $ sudo python mraa_led.py

Expected Behaviour:

  1. Reads maximum brightness value for USER1 led and turns it ON/OFF depending on current state.
  2. Finally sets led trigger to heartbeat.