Contributing to Linaro release Kernel for HiKey boards

This page provides instructions for developers willing to contribute to the Linaro release kernel for HiKey boards.

How to contribute

The following mailing list has been created to contributions:

[HiKey-Kernel mailing list]

This is a public mailing open to any developer.

General recommendations

  • This mailing list is not a substitute for proper upstreaming. We are willing to accept patches against our release (e.g. generally that means against a stable/LTS branch), if the submitters are also willing to upstream their changes. We will not be maintaining orphaned patches forever.
  • It is recommended to upstream your changes first into mainline kernel, and then send a backport for inclusion into our release branch. When sending backport patches, please use git cherry-pick -x <commit> to make sure that we keep a record about the upstream commit in the commit log.
  • Patches should be sent to the mailing list, as inline patches.
  • When we do kernel upgrade we might not carry external patches, and they will have to be sent and tested again, if they have not been upstreamed in between.
  • The mailing list is for patches and code. Regular support will continue to be on the 96boards forum
  • We expect all discussions to be held on the public mailing list and discourage private discussions over emails as much as possible.
  • Of course any patches will be reviewed by the maintainers of the involved sub projects, and these developers are responsible to accept or refuse any contribution.