OpenEmbedded is a software framework used for creating Linux distributions aimed for, but not restricted to, embedded devices. Below are pre-built console and desktop images of Debian with their respective bootloader and boot image. If desired, these images can be recreated by following the build from source instructions found here (Note: this link will take you to the Linaro Github)

Fastboot files (Advanced users)

l-loader.bin Download
fip.bin Download
nvme.img Download
ptable-linux.img 4GB / 8GB Download

Choose one boot image, the root file system you choose will be based on the boot image you download here:

Boot image Build Folder (RPB / RPB-Wayland)
RPB Download
RPB-Wayland Download

Only download one root file system (Console or Desktop). You should match the type of rootfs to the boot image you downloaded above.

Rootfs image Build Folder (RPB / RPB-Wayland)
RPB (Desktop / Console)
RPB-Wayland (Desktop / Console)

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