Debian for Hikey960 is a console (command line) based development environment derived from Debian GNU/Linux and comprised of some basic programs and utilities. Development can happen directly on the board, and within the OS. While applications and programs can be built directly on the board, they can also be built remotely and cross-compiled for the particular system.

Please take note that Debian for Hikey960 is an unreleased snapshot (of an out-of-hours skunkworks project) rather than a fully featured release. Currently the snapshot does not support HDMI output and must be administered via LS-UART1. Visit the 96Boards forum to take part in the community and/or to learn about alternative kernel options the enable graphics.

Warning: All I/O signals on the Low Speed Connector use 1.8v TTL. Applying a higher voltage could damage your device so always ensure your UART adapter supports 1.8v operation before connecting it (mistakes can happen so we strongly recommend you check the adapter even if it came as part of a kit).

SD Card image

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Fastboot files

Boot image Download
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Rootfs image Download
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