DS-5 Development Studio is a suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any ARM-based SoC, featuring editor, compilers, debugger and system profiler.

This document describes how to using DS-5 on HiKey960.

Written by: Kaiyou Wang Kaiyou.Wang@arm.com


  1. DS-5 can connect the Hikey960 board if you have welded the JTAG connecter on the board to match DSTREAM connector.
  2. Download files: 2.1 ds5-jtag-scripts/Hikey960.zip create mode 100644 ds5-jtag-scripts/README.md 2.2 ds5-jtag-scripts/close_idle.sh

Step 1

Please unzip the “Hikey960.zip” and add the Hikey960 CDB to DS-5 CDB, you can refer the link “10.2 About importing platform and model configurations “

Step 2

Before connect the board with DS-5 please disable the CPU idle if it is enabled, or else the connection might fail.

$ adb devices
(to check whethter the board is bring up sucessful and list the device)
$ adb root
$ adb remout
$ adb push close_idle.sh /system/
$ adb shell chmod +x /system/close_idle.sh
$ adb shell ./system/close_idle.sh

Step 3

Connect the board successfully now