Choose and install an operating system on your MediaTek X20. To appropriately follow this installation guide you will need to:

  • Choose an installation method
  • Download necessary files
  • Choose host machine
  • Follow flashing instructions

Methods of Installation

In most cases, you will be presented with one option when installing your new operating system onto your MediaTek X20:

  • Fastboot Method

Fastboot Method

Fastboot is supported by the board and can be used for installs. This is for advanced users who are most likely modifying/customizing source code and will need to download such updates to the board for test/execution.

This method requires the following hardware:

  • MediaTek X20 with power supply
  • Host machine (Linux/Windows)
  • USB to microUSB cable
  • USB Mouse and/or keyboard (not required to perform flash)
  • HDMI Monitor with full size HDMI cable (not required to perform flash)

Go to the Downloads page for your choice of MediaTek X20 builds and operating systems