Build Lakka for ROCK960

Build environment setup

  • Recommend build host is Ubuntu 16.04 64bit.
  • Install dependencies
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install build-essential swig hexdump flex bison bc git

Download source code

git clone

Build Lakka

cd Lakka-LibreELEC
PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3399 BOARD=ROCK960 ARCH=arm make -j$(nproc) image

This might take a while, get a coffee or something

The generated image is Lakka-Rockchip.ROCK960.arm-2.2-devel-20181221214123-r28231-g697ea2a.img.gz in the target folder.


  • The generated image is an sdcard image, and can be simply be flashed using dd.
  • Insert you sdcard in your host PC, check to see the device name bu running fdisk -l
  • Uncompress sdcard image: gunzip Lakka-Rockchip.ROCK960.arm-2.2-devel-20181221214123-r28231-g697ea2a.img.gz
  • Flash sdcard image: sudo dd if=Lakka-Rockchip.ROCK960.arm-2.2-devel-20181221214123-r28231-g697ea2a.img of=/dev/sdx status=progress

    Note: failure to assign the correct device name in place of /dev/sdx will result in data loss.

  • Insert the sdcard in your Rock960 and boot.

Fix the Black-Box Issue

  • When you boot lakka for the first time, you might get black boxes in place of Icons.
  • To fix this issue:
    • Navigate to: Online Updater
    • Select: Update Assets
  • This should fix the black box issue.