Debian Linux is a desktop/window or console (command line) based development environment comprised of some basic programs and utilities. Development can happen directly on the board, and within the OS. While applications and programs can be built directly on the board, they can also be built remotely and cross-compiled for the particular system.

SD Card/eMMC AIO image

SD Card/eMMC AIO Image Download
All-in-one image with bootloader/kernel/rootfs Debian Stretch Desktop armhf

This image can be flashed to eMMC from USB or write and run on a SD card. Continue to Installation page

Partition files

Bootloader Download
Miniloader(flash helper) rk3399_loader_v1.08.106.bin
IDB loader(U-boot SPL) idbloader.img
ARM Trustzone firmware trust.img
U-boot uboot.img
Boot image Download
FAT32 filesystem with kernel and dtb boot.img.gz
Rootfs image Download
Debian rootfs armhf debian_rootfs.img.gz

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