How to build the Shell Zephyr application from source - Linux Host

These instructions will show how to build a sample Zephyr application using a Linux Host machine as a development environment.

  • Step 0: Download and setup Zephyr
  • Step 1: Build a sample application in Zephyr
  • Step 2: Proceed to Installation page for flashing instructions

Step 0: Download and setup Zephyr

  • Download and setup the Zephyr development environment from You can find more information about installing the Zephyr SDK at
$ git clone

Step 1: Build the Zephyr shell application

Build the sample shell application as follows:

$ cd zephyr
$ source
$ cd samples/subsys/shell/shell_module/
$ mkdir outdir; cd outdir
$ cmake -DBOARD=96b_carbon ..
$ make

Step 2: Flashing

  • Connect the micro-USB cable to the OTG port
  • Press the BOOT0 switch and hold
  • While holding BOOT0 switch, also press the RST switch (At this point you should be pressing two switches)
  • Release the RST switch, then release the BOOT0 switch.
$ sudo make flash

Proceed to Installation page for legacy flashing instructions

The application will be available at samples/subsys/shell/shell/outdir/96b_carbon/zephyr.bin.

Proceed to flash the Zephyr application binary over USB-UART or USB-DFU. Host machine specific flashing instructions can be found on the “Installation” page, link found below.