Basic Setup Guide

Table of Content

1. Hardware

1.1 Hardware Overview

Front labeled

  1. Switch 1: On/Off switch for 2.5mm Low speed Header
  2. Switch 2: Voltage Select for Groove Connectors and 2.5mm Low speed Header 3v3 and 5v
  3. Groove Connector: i2c-0
  4. Groove Connector: GPIO A and B
  5. Groove Connector: UART0
  6. Groove Connector: GPIO I and H
  7. Groove Connector: GPIO F and E
  8. Groove Connector: i2c-1
  9. Volume Down Button. Fastboot Button
  10. Power Button
  11. On-Board Analog Microphone 1
  12. 3.5mm Analog Audio Out and Mic In
  13. Micro-USB for UART, Connected to UART1
  14. ..Standard 96Boards Low Speed Header
  15. 2.5mm pin spacing I/O expansion connector level shifted to 3.3/5V via SW2
  16. 16 P8 96Boards HS connector
  17. On-Board Digital Microphone 2

1.2 Hardware Requirements

  1. 1x Audio Mezzanine
  2. 1x DragonBoard 410c
  3. 1x Mouse and Keyboard
  4. 1x HDMI Display
  5. 1x 12v 2A Power Supply

1.3 Hardware Setup

  1. Make sure the DragonBoard 410c is powered down, and the power connector is unplugged.
  2. Carefully line up the Low-Speed and High-Speed Headers
  3. Press firmly and make sure that the connectors are correctly lined up and make good contact.

2 Software Setup

  1. Latest Build of Debian for Dragonboard 410c /documentation/consumer/dragonboard410c/installation/

  2. Update the Debian Installation

    $ sudo apt update
    $ sudo apt dist-upgrade