Shiratech Bosch Sensors Mezzanine is a 96Boards compatible mezzanine board that adds a set of sensors to any 96Boards CE/EE boards.

This quick start guide will show you how to connect the mezzanine and install the on board sensors demo application on Debian Linux.

Box content

  • Bosch Sensors Mezzanine board
  • Quick start guide

Required hardware

  • USB flash drive or Micro SD card
  • 96Boards CE board running latest Debian Linux, in this guide we will use the Dragonboard 410C
  • Power supply
  • HDMI monitor and cable
  • USB mouse and keyboard

Running the mezzanine for the first time

  • Connect the mezzanine on top of your 96BoardsCE board.
  • Connect HDMI monitor,USB keyboard and USB mouse to your board.
  • Power on your board.
  • Download and install the latest Debian Linux for your 96Boards CE board. For Dragonboard 410C follow the instructions in the following link

On board sensors demo installation

  • Download the sensor demo applicationfrom the following link
  • Copy the file sensordemo_1.0_all.deb to a USB flash drive or micro SD card and connect it to your 96Board CE board.
  • Open a terminal window.
  • To install the sensors demo application, type $ sudo apt-get install <sensor-demo.deb path>
  • Once installation is complete open a Web browser and type the following address:
  • The web browser will show an HTML page displaying the five on-board sensors data readings refreshing.
  • Move the board and see the absolute orientation sensor data readings changes according to the board movement.
  • To remove the sensor demo application type: $sudo apt-get remove sensordemo