This guide will walk you through Interfacing with Raspberry Pi HATs that use SPI bus.

Hardware Setup

Software setup

Running the Demos

  • The SPI ports on the Raspberry Pi headers act as a pass-through to the I2C0 Pins on the Low Speed Header.
  • We first need to enable the spi pass-through: sudo i2cset 0 0x6f 0x3a 0x00
  • This means and device connected over spi via the FPGA Mezzanine should be available on /dev/spidev0.0/.

MAX7219: C

For the MPU6050, we are going to use one of the example codes from the MRAA repository:

  • Fetch the code: wget
  • Compile the code: gcc spi.c -o spi -lmraa
  • Run the code: sudo ./spi
  • You should see all the LEDs in the Matrix light up one by one.