96Boards Tresor Mezzanine

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

1.1) About the 96Boards Tresor Mezzanine

The 96Boards Tresor Mezzanine is intended for security development on 96Boards and features the Infineon SLB9670 (TPM 2.0), SLB9645 (TPM 1.2), and SLS32AIA020A chip sets. The mezzanine also includes one FT230XS-R UART connector for debug, thus making it is an ideal addition to your 96Boards tool box.

1.2) Specifications and Features

  • Chipsets
    • Infineon SLB9670
    • Infineon SLB9645
    • Infineon SLS32AIA020A
  • Sub Application
    • PC TPM/embedded TPM
  • Connectors
    • FT230XS-R UART debug
  • Expansion Interface
    • 40 Pin Low-speed expansion
    • 60 Pin High-speed expansion
  • Digital Output (V)
    • 1.8V

2) Guides and Documentation