Windows Host

Download Tools and Images

Download the following tools from the Downloads Page:

  • Rockchip Download/Upgrade tool for Windows and Linux Hosts
  • Rockchip Flash Download Driver for Windows
  • PreBuilt Linux Images (ANDROID and FEDORA)

Install Rockchip Flash Download Driver on Host machine

  • Double click DriverAssitant_v4.4\DriverInstall.exe, then automatically install rockchip flash download driver in your host windows machine.

Bring the board into maskrom or rockusb loader mode

  • Use type c usb cable to connect TB-96AI 96Boards and Host PC.
  • Then put your TB-96AI 96Boards to download mode(maskrom or rockusb loader mode).
    • Press reset key of the developing board, and then long press recovery key around 3-4 seconds to enter.

Start the rockchip flash download tool on the HostPC

  • Run AndroidTool.exe

Flash the Image

  • Flash dual systems images(android & fedora) : tool config use config_dual
  • Flash android image : tool config use config_android
  • Flash fedora image : tool config use config_linux
  • Open the tool, and click “Download Image” menu.
  • Single click every line end as marked with red arrow, it will pop out file selection box and then choose the img file path of the corresponding partition.
  • Set all the img file paths successively.
  • After configuration, click “Run”.
  • The right information box will display the relative information.

Reboot and enjoy!

Once the download of the images is complete, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • Press the reset button
  • After the reboot you should see linux startup

NOTE: If you flash android images,after the reboot you should see android startup. If you flash fedora images,after the reboot you should see fedora startup. If you flash dual images,after the reboot, you should see Fedora start up as default. Or, if you press “KEY2” during the reboot, you should see Android start up.