Windows Host

Download Tools and Images

Download the following tools from the Downloads Page:

  • Rockchip Download/Upgrade tool for Windows and Linux Hosts
  • Rockchip Flash Download Driver for Windows
  • PreBuilt Linux Images

Install Rockchip Flash Download Driver on Host machine

  • Double click DriverAssitant_v4.8\DriverInstall.exe, then automatically install rockchip flash download driver in your host windows machine.

Bring the board into maskrom or rockusb loader mode

  • Use type c usb cable to connect TB-96AIOT 96Boards and Host PC.
  • Then put your TB-96AIOT 96Boards to download mode(maskrom or rockusb loader mode).
    • Press reset key of the developing board, and then long press recovery key around 3-4 seconds to enter.

Start the rockchip flash download tool on the HostPC

  • Run AndroidTool.exe

Flash the Image

  • Open the tool, and click “Download Image” menu.
  • Single click every line end as marked with red arrow, it will pop out file selection box and then choose the img file path of the corresponding partition.
  • Set all the img file paths successively.
  • After configuration, click “Run”.
  • The right information box will display the relative information.

Reboot and enjoy!

Once the download of the images is complete, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • Press the reset button
  • After the reboot you should see linux startup