Avnet and Xilinx have teamed up with Hackster.io to launch a contest around the Ultra96 (probably why you are here)! For those of you who don’t know, the Ultra96 is part of the 96Boards Consumer Edition family, plenty more to read below… Naturally, the 96Boards team wanted to get involved with this exciting event!

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On this page, you will find…

  • Special Events Schedule
  • 96Boards resources
  • Ultra96 resources
  • Links to fun blogs and videos
  • and more!

Contest Kit

Webinars, Workshops and More!


  1. Install BlueJeans video conferencing software on your desktop or mobile device: (Desktop download / Mobile download)

  2. Launch BlueJeans applications

  3. Use the following ID to join the weekly call: 943216362

NOTE - You can also join via web browser with the following link: https://bluejeans.com/943216362

Ultra96 Playlist

OpenHours Playlist