96Boards India Initiative

This page provides the resources for 96Boards India initiative which aims at designing and manufacturing 96Boards in India.

Boards to target

  1. 96Boards IoT Edition
  2. 96Boards Consumer Edition
  3. 96Boards Enterprise Edition

Target 1 - 96Boards IoT Edition

IoT edition boards aims at producing development boards in microcontroller form factor for Internet of Things.

Operating System to use

Microcontrollers to use

Following is the list of microcontroller families to use in 96Boards IE. List is sorted based on the SoC support in Zephyr.

  • STM32Fx
  • nRF5x
  • TI CC3220
  • TI MSP432F4xx


Following resources are useful for developing IE boards.

Software - Zephyr