By the Community, For the Community

The 96Boards Mezzanine Community was formed by a group of individuals who shared the passion of Open-Source hardware & software.

This community aims to create an ecosystem of Open-Hardware platforms based around the 96Boards CE Mezzanine Specification and also provide a unified platform to host mezzanine designs.

The community repository is hosted on GitHub:

The community also meets Bi-Weekly, Mondays at 4PM UTC over BlueJeans Video Conference.

And you can also find the community members hanging out on IRC on the #OpenHours Channel (on which they have politely hijacked.

The People

  • Micheal Welling: Lead Maintainer
    • Esteemed Open-Hardware evangelist & engineer. Founder of QWERTY Embedded Design, LLC.
  • Robert Wolff: Community Manager
    • 96Boards Community Manager, OpenHours Host.
  • Sahaj Sarup: Reviewer
    • 96Boards Applications Engineer
  • Contributors:
    • Rafael Christ - Altium / Eagle Reviewer
    • Gustavo Retuci Pinheiro - Altium / Eagle Reviewer
    • Grant Likely - KiCad contributor
    • Sophie Haynes - KiCad contributor
    • Barry Byford - MicroMezz

Mezzanines on the Repository

Here are a list of mezzanines that have made it into the Repository.

How can YOU contribute?

Contributions can be as simple as helping us decide what Mezzanines to make next and you can do that by filling out the Google Form below!


  • Let us know if you want something improved with the boards that are currently on the repository by submitting an issue; or
  • Submit your own mezzanine design via a simple pull-request on our GitHub Repository.

What ever you choose to do, just make sure to follow the Contribution Guidelines

Choose what mezzanine gets made next…