May is the month for Women in STEM!

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Get ready for an A-May-zing month of Women in STEM! If you are here to read more about the initiative, please continue! You can also skip straight to taking our written interview by scrolling down or clicking here

Summary, the plan…

There will be several surprises and plenty of good times throughout the month of May. We have something planned for each day with many opportunities to participate and engage with everyone who is involved.

96Boards (with the help of many collaborators) will try to host 23 written interviews from Women in a wide variety of STEM fields. Makers and software engineers, mathematicians and material physicists, Students, professionals, evangelists, influencers, and more! We hope to speak with everyone! Each day, one STEM story will be featured as a 96Boards Blog and shared across various social media channels.

While the written interviews offer a great daily read, a weekly livestream can also be expected! At the end of the countdown each week, 96Boards will host a live video chat room for anyone and everyone. The topic of the month is “Women in STEM” and you can expect some amazing featured guests to be joining us. This is everyone’s chance to listen in, share your thoughts, and even get your questions answered by a selected panel of core participants and our featured guest of the week.


Please consider this schedule as tentative! For the most current information on each week’s Livestream, please visit the OpenHours Website to read about this week’s events, and to follow the countdown.

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Get featured! Please take our Written Interview

We are looking for women to share their “STEM story”! To participate in this initiative, please take some time to fill out the interview questions below. Each interview will be highly considered for publishing as a 96Boards blog and shared across our many channels. We will do our best to notify all participants if any action is taken and hope you enjoy the interview. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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