Take part in the Arrow – Shiratech Hackathon at Linaro Connect Vancouver!

We invite Linaro developers and Linaro Connect attendees to join us for a fun and challenging Hackathon based on 96Boards made by Arrow Electronics and Shiratech-solutions.

The accepted Hackathon participants will each receive a kit consisting of an Arrow Dragonboard and three Shiratech 96Boards Mezzanines so they can start developing at home before the event and continue in their spare time during the event. The Hackathon will end on September 21st and all projects will be shown at Demo Friday.

Registration starts now and will remain open until September 17th or until all available kits have been allocated, whichever is sooner. To register, please email Attila or Ramon. You can enter the hackathon as an individual or a team with up to four members.

Attila: aambrus@arroweurope.com

Ramon: ramon.h@shiratech-solutions.com

Great prizes for the three winning projects!

Interested? Please read more below.


  • Create a working project using the provided kit
  • For the project it is mandatory to use the Dragonboard 410C and at least one of the Shiratech Mezzanines provided in the kit
  • Use as many features of the provided Hardware as possible, add other elements such as sensors, toys, … and create the most amazing/crazy/fancy demo of all


Every participant will receive a kit (free of charge) that contains the following parts:

  • Arrow Dragonboard 410C
  • LTE Mezzanine: An LTE CAT4 cell modem with on-board 9-axis orientation, gesture, proximity, range and temperature sensors.
  • FPGA Mezzanine: based on Intel Max10 FPGA with an onboard and Arduino expansion connectors
  • Bosch Sensor Mezzanine: includes pressure and environmental sensors, accelerometer and magnetometer.

Note: If required, for EU based participants we can provide an EU LTE Mezzanine board fit for use in Europe (in addition to the N. America module)

Data sources

For images and SW/HW support please use the 96Boards.org as your main source. For any tricky questions Arrow and Shiratech will provide support.

Shiratech support mail: support@shiratech-solutions.com

We will open a special Hackathon resource section with all Shiratech Mezzanine related information on Shirtech-solutions web site


On Demo Friday we will present the projects and three will win a prize. There is a great first prize and two cool and useful prizes for the two runner ups.

There will be three judges from Linaro, Arrow and Shiratech. The judgment criteria will be shared with all participants before Linaro connect.


  • Registration starts now (August 29th) and ends on September 17th
  • The number of kits to be provided is limited to 20. It is important to have a valid registration to Linaro Connect YVR18 so you can bring and show your project to the judges and the community
  • Announcement of the final list of competing teams will happen when the last kit is sent or on the first day of Linaro Connect September 17th
  • The demos will be showcased on Demo Friday where the judges will announce the first/second/third place on September 21st