Nitrogen is a 96Boards compliant IoT Edition board which aims to provide economic and compact BLE solutions for a variety of IoT projects. This board features the nRF52832 microcontroller by Nordic, 64kb of RAM and 512kb of onboard flash storage. An easily accessible 40 pin low-speed expansion connector and onboard antenna offer a wide variety of IO on the much desired 96Boards IoT form factor.

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Additional Information

Component Description
SoC nRF52832 microcontroller
CPU Cortex-M4
Clock Speed 64MHz
Storage 512KB onboard Flash
Battery Onboard battery connector and charger
Debugger LPC11U35 on board SWD debugger
Wireless nRF51832 Bluetooth ® wireless technology with BLE power consumption measurement
Connectors SWD debug, nRF52832 SWD, nRF52832 UART
Expansion Interface 40 Pin Low-speed expansion
Digital Output (V) 1.8V
Analog Input (V) 0V - 1.8V
Antenna Onboard chip antenna
Power Source USB power supply with fuse protect
OS Support Zephyr
Size 60x30mm