Many who plan to develop for the healthcare industry know that reliability and long term support are key. The 96Boards model is designed to provide developers with choices throughout the entire development process. Cross-compatibility between 96Boards within the same family (CE, IE, EE) and long term SoC support from select vendors should make any developer feel protected against obsoletion. Prototyping around the 96Boards footprint and designing around our vendor’s SoCs provides a sure fire way to go through every phase of development without worry.

How can you get involved?

96Boards offers developers the opportunity to choose. Anyone is now capable of taking on this diverse sector, with diverse needs. Simply pair up with one of our many boards, choose a worthy development environment, and plug away. 96Boards offers a healthy pool of SoC options, which allows developers a straightforward path to production. Building custom devices for your 96Boards chip has never been this streamlined.