Using the Gineatech DB4

The Gineatech DB4 is identical to the Dragonboard 410. It only improves upon it by having an onboard ethernet port and an optional RAM and EMMC upgrade. All software and guides are identical to that of the Dragonboard 410c and for that reason most of the links below will take you to Dragonboard410c specific guides.


  • Downloads
    • Already familiar with your 96Boards? Skip the board bring up sections and go straight to your download!
  • Installation
    • Choose and install an operating system on your DragonBoard 410c
  • Build from Source
    • Instructions for building and flashing the components of your favorite operating systems


  • Getting Started
    • Learn about your DragonBoard 410c board, how to prepare and set up for basic use
  • Useful Guides
    • These guides will help to get you started with a variety of available on-boards software
  • Hardware Documentation
    • Explore what makes your DragonBoard 410c unique, technical specifications, schematics, hardware notes and moreā€¦
  • Troubleshooting and Support
    • From bug reports and current issues, to forum access and other useful resources, we want to help you find answers
  • Contribute
    • How to contribute patches into the Dragonboard 410c software releases