The 96Boards SoM Carrier Board is an Interface debugging and testing carrier board. This 96Board is compliant with accordance to “96Boards Compute SoM Specification” and “96Boards Enterprise Edition Specification” This carrier board provides as many interfaces as possible to meet the needs of SoM board debugging and testing. This Carrier Board has already been adapted to TB-96AI SoM and TB-96AIoT SoM boards. ***

Additional Information

Component Description
DC Power(12V 2A) Power supply φ5.5mm DC Connector
4 Lane MIPI CSI2 Camera interface for MIPI_RX1 on TB-96AI RK3399Pro Som
AXT530124 on Board
4 Lane MIPI CSI3 Camera interface for MIPI_RX in TB-96AIoT RK1808 Som
AXT530124 on Board
RPI LCD Raspberry Pi MIPI LCD Connector for TB-96AI RK3399Pro Som and TB-96AIoT RK1808 Som,1-1734248-5 on board
RTC RTC battery holder
RPI Camera Raspberry Pi Camera Connector for MIPI_RX0 in TB-96AI RK3399PRO Som, 1-1734248-5 on board
4 Lane MIPI (eDP) eDP connector for TB-96AI RK3399Pro Som,MIPI connector for TB-96AIoT RK1808 Som, defined by Rockchip
Ethernet 1 1000Mbps Ethernet Port for TB-96AI RK3399PRO Som
Ethernet 2 1000Mbps Ethernet Port for TB-96AIoT RK1808 Som
USBx.0 USB3.0 for TB-96AI RK3399Pro Som
USBx.0*2 USB3.0 for TB-96AI RK3399Pro,USB2.0 for TB-96AIoT RK1808 Som
Fan Connector Fan Connector
Start mode Switching Auto Start mode selection
PCIE PCIE x4 interface
Reset key Reset key
Power ON Key Press the sleep or wake up, long press to power down and power on
User-Defined Key The buttons function for User define self
Speaker 8Ω1W Speaker interface
Phone Earphone interface
AP JTAG AP JTAG interface
TF Card TF Card interface
USER-Defined LED User-defined leds
Debug Debug usb,USB to UART chip FT232RL on board
2.4G/5G Wifi/BT module Wifi/BT module AP6356S
ANT RF WIFI/BT Antenna interface
Mezzanine Connector Mezzanine Connector,contains high speed connector and low speed connector
CAN CAN interface
System LED System LED
X1、X2、X3、X4 Som board Connector