The DragonBoard 410c, a product of Arrow Electronics, is the development board based on the mid-tier Qualcomm® APQ8016E processor. It features advanced processing power, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ® wireless technology connectivity, and GPS, all packed into a board the size of a credit card.

Additional Information

Component Description
SoC Qualcomm APQ8016E
CPU ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-core up to 1.2 GHz per core
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 306 @ 400MHz for PC-class graphics with support for Advanced APIs, including OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenCL, DirectX, and content security
Storage 8GB eMMC 4.51 on board storage and MicroSD card slot
Ethernet Port USB 2.0 expansion
Wireless WLAN 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS. On board GPS, BT and WLAN antennas
USB 2 x USB 2.0 Host 1 x USB 2.0 OTG
Display 1 x HDMI 1.4 (Type A - full) 1 x MIPI-DSI HDMI output up to FHD 1080P
Video 1080p@30fps HD video playback and capture with H.264 (AVC), and 720p playback with H.265 (HEVC)
Audio PCM/AAC+/MP3/WMA, ECNS, Audio+ post-processing (optional)
Camera Integrated ISP with support for image sensors up to 13MP
Expansion Interface 40 pin low speed expansion connector: +1.8V, +5V, SYS_DCIN, GND, UART, I2C, SPI, PCM, PWM,GPIO x12 60 pin high speed expansion connector: 4L-MIPI DSI, USB, I2C x2, 2L+4L-MIPI CSI
LED 6 x LED: 4xUser controlled, 2xRadio(BT and WLAN activity)
Button Power/Reset and Volume Up/down
Power Source 8V~18V@3A, Plug specification is inner diameter 1.7mm and outer diameter 4.8mm
OS Support Android / Linux / Windows IoT Core
Size 85mm x 54mm

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