e-con Systems mezzanine board allows evaluation and integration of econ systems’ camera product family with Rock960c (Vamrs) board. The Mezzanine board follows the 96boards consumer edition specification. The board allows integration of up to 2 cameras using the MIPI CSI interface.

Features of e-con Systems camera Mezzanine

  • Instant evaluation of eCAM50_CU96 – 5 Mega-Pixel fixed focus camera based on 1 / 2.5” On-Semi AR0521 sensor on Rock960C (Vamrs)
  • Supports camera streaming up to 120* frames per second
  • Video streaming of resolution up to 5 Mega-Pixels.
  • Debian Linux support for Out of box evaluation
  • Evaluate e-con systems’ range of camera products for custom applications

*[Frame rate capabilities are dependent on camera and platform configurations]

Coming soon !!

  • The e-con systems camera Mezzanine supports the 5MP camera on Ultra96 V2 based on Xilinx Zynq MPSoC and Snapdragon 820C based on Qualcomm CPU.
  • The camera Mezzanine also supports e-con systems 13 Mega-Pixel Auto-focus and Fixed focus camera variants based on On-Semi AR1335 for 4K and higher resolution streaming.