Secure96 Mezzanine Board

This mezzanine board is intended for security development on 96Boards and features the Infineon SLB9670, Atmel ATSHA204A, and the Atmel ATECC508A chip sets. With 128Kb of onboard storage, a PC TPM/embedded TPM chip, and a FT230XS-R UART connector for debug, it is an ideal addition to your 96Boards tool box.

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  • SoC
    • Infineon SLB9670
    • Atmel ATSHA204A
    • Atmel ATECC508A
  • Certifications
    • CC EAL4+
  • Sub Application
    • PC TPM/embedded TPM
  • Storage
    • 128KB onboard Flash
  • Symmetric Cryptography
    • AES/HMAC/SHA-1/SHA-256
  • Asymmetric Cryptography
    • P256/ECC256/ECDH/RSA1024/RSA2048
  • Connectors
    • FT230XS-R UART debug
  • Expansion Interface
    • 40 Pin Low-speed expansion
  • Digital Output (V)
    • 1.8V
  • Analog Input (V)
    • 0V-1.8V
  • Size
    • 60x30mm