Advanced Hardware Security for IoT at Scale

The Shield96 board based on Microchip silicon is available in two different forms.

The Shield96 Standard reference platform provides a secure solution applicable across all IoT verticals. This trusted Linux turn-key solution addresses hardware security by design. This hardware allows users the ability to design a solution as needed to fit their custom needs.

The Shield96 Trusted Platform comes preloaded with the EmSPARK Security Suite software by Sequitur Labs. This provides a secure platform applicable across all IoT verticals to enable secure end point solutions and protect firmware, keys and data throughout the lifecycle of a product. EmSPARK is the essential software companion suite complementing the Microchip hardware providing a cost-effective secure solution appropriate for every connected device built with the ATSAMA5D2 processor. Engineers can leverage this reference design for digital transformation built on trust extracting the full value of the advanced embedded security features of the ATSAMA5D2.

Additional Information

Component Description
Form factor Conform to 96Boards IoT Edition Extended (1.8V)
40 Pin Low Speed Expansion Connector
SoC ATSAMA5D27, Cortex A5 Core (ARMv7-A Architecture),
500 MHz, 128 Mb RAM integrated (System in Package, Arm TrustZone)
WLAN Microchip ATWILC1000-MR110xB, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX IEEE 802.3 compliant
USB 2.0 OTG USB A Connector
Real Time
Microchip MCP795W1
Optional Battery-Backed
Crypto CryptoAuthentication Device ATECC608
SD Card One micro SD Card Slot
NOR Flash Micron MT25QU01GBBB,128 Mb
Clock frequency 166MHz (MAX) for all protocols in STR